Control system and integrated water circle

IGP is a so called “system integrator”, a company that well knows the various automation and information technologies and has the competences to find the best custom solution for every clients, either using the existing technologies, or developing hardwares and softwares which combine different technologies.
In the automation sector our major clients are consortia, municipalized companies, societies managing the water cycle (from wastewater to drinkable water), and process manufacturing industries.
Our control systems include:

  • Low/medium voltage electrical plants
  • Transformation stations
  • PLC
  • Local and territorial data networks
  • Communication through radio/GSM/dedicated lines/optical fibers/wireless
  • Combination of various technologies
  • User interface systems
  • Supervision systems
  • Company information systems

IGP’s technicians can develop softwares with any kind of Plc, especially Siemens, Schneider, Omron, General Electrics, Allen-Bradley. We work as well with peculiar software development systems, as in for instance Iset, Andover Control, Microtel, Python and obviously with soft wares for DOS and Windows operating systems (Basic, Fortran, Visual Basic, C, SQL, Access).
In the automation sector, IGP offers consulting, planning, development and management of systems, maintenance and spare parts supplies.