The comfort of a wide choice

Thanks to IGP’s collaboration with Busatta, market leader in prefabricated pools, our clients can easily choose the swimming pool that suits them best directly from catalogue . Busatta is one of the few companies that can realize the heart of each swimming pool directly in its headquarters and under its direct control. That’s how the company can follow the production and building processes step by step, making its products undergo severe tests. Thanks to the direct control, to the building technology covered by exclusive copyrights and to a qualified network which includes IGP, Busatta can guarantee fast responses to any kind of request. These swimming pools can be installed very quickly on any kind of soil, with no need of special cement basis or enforcing structures, but at the same time with a written 30-year-guarantee which ensures resistance and duration. Feel free to choose the pool you have always dreamt of, picking it among more than 500 models on the 15 available lines!