Tailor made pools

By exclusively using quality products, IGP is able to design the swimming pool that best matches your needs and to personalize it with details and accessories, making it unique thanks to a wide choice of materials (cement, metal, etc.) and of products (of our partners or other European suppliers). IGP deals with the development of every single swimming pool from the beginning to the end, taking care of the aesthetics/structure/waterproofing/filtration/disinfection.

In order to provide the customers with high level swimming pools, IGP often works together with design studios: the synergy is “spontaneous” and allows the company to combine its competences and those of the experts of a different sector, thus reaching an optimal result. The company’s approach is highly technical: in order to deliver perfectly watertight swimming pools with high-standard plant systems an artisanal approach is namely not enough, especially if the target is a high-standard product. To keep high the standard of its pools, IGP has chosen to work exclusively with market leaders: whatever the product, our suppliers are always European or American companies which are known on an international level and strictly certified.