Pre sales

In order to choose a swimming pool or to plan a wellness center, the best thing you can do is to ask an expert to help you out with all the essential aspects of a successful project. IGP offers a free preliminary consulting service: a meeting with a planning technician who will examine together with you all the possible environmental, design and budget limits and help you out in precisely defining the functional and aesthetical targets. With its experts, IGP can suggest you shapes, materials, filtration and disinfection systems and show you how to obtain the result which best matches your wishes and your budget, always guaranteeing the best result. After the consulting phase, IGP will present an offer for all you may need before building the structure. There are 2 basic aspects to consider:

First of all the SETTING: a swimming pool must be harmonically inserted into a context. Therefore, its planning cannot omit to consider all aspects related to the surrounding landscape and architecture.

Secondly, the PLANNING: the engineering aspects mainly concern the 3 fundamental components of a swimming pool, as in the pool’s structure, its covering and waterproofing processes, its filtering and disinfecting systems.
But there are many other aspects, linked for instance to administrative and legal issues, to wastewater treatment, to the pool’s fluid dynamics, to the water heating, to the cover, to the remote control automation. Our engineers are able to face all these problems in order to guarantee a clear interlocutor and a complete service.

Turn key swimming pools

A swimming pool starts with the construction of the basin’s structure (opportunely perforated in order to regulate the water’s entry /exit and the electricity supply) and goes on with its waterproofing and covering. When these first two phases are completed, the basin is filled with water to test its resistance. The next step is the assembling of all basic water recycling, filtering, disinfection, lighting and heating plants plus the custom ones, such as water massage or counter-current mechanisms, etc. The swimming pool is then completed with the installation of floating or telescopic covers, if scheduled. Once the external part is completed, the swimming pool is filled and the water is tested in our laboratory to grant its purity. Our turnkey service is completed by providing the technical documentation for the plant’s use and maintenance, the certificates regarding the work and the testing services, the written guarantees. Even if theoretically it is possible to contact different providers/suppliers for the different parts of the pool, our experience has taught us that the turnkey option is the only one which effectively provides the client with concrete guarantees of a clear interlocutor, a centered organization of work and precise timings. As an alternative, if you still prefer to follow the activities independently, IGP can also work as a simple supplier, only providing the materials and its long term experience.

Post sales assistance

IGP and its technicians work all over the North East part of Italy. There are plant’s managers, maintenance technicians with their mobile units, a well-stocked warehouse, a 24-hour-repair service which is working all over the year. That’s how the company is able to cover any kind of post-sale request from its clients, them being privates, companies or public institutions. It was namely with these service-activities that IGP started working back in 1987. Post-sale services are tailor-made, based on each customer’s needs and expectations. Services concerning swimming pools are the following: seasonal opening and closure, weekly monitoring and regulation of the filtering and disinfection systems, cleaning services, furnishing of chemical products for the purification of water, laboratory analysis to verify the water’s quality, full-service management and 24-hour-availability.

Shop and maintenance

In our headquarters, located in the industrial area of Trieste (Via Errera 4), there is the retail outlet. The shop is open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5pm non-stop. Here you can find a vast choice of accessories and spare parts of all the most qualified brands plus all Culligan and Bayrol products for the maintenance and the disinfection of your swimming pool. Should the spare parts not be available, we can easily order them though catalogue. It is possible to even make an order of entire plant’s parts (such as pumps, filters, liner, tubes, covers, etcetera) . In our repair shop we can either repair broken engines or provide substitute materials whenever the engine cannot be repaired. All these services are provided after an estimate for them has been put or an explicit maintenance request has been made by the customer.