Wastewater treatment

Wastewater is the result of water usage and pollution. Before being reintroduced in the environment, wastewater needs to be purified in order to respect the limits imposed by the law, which may vary according to their specific receptive target (sewage systems, river, sea, soil,..).

Wastewater may come from towns (which may or not be provided with sewage systems), industries and farms. The purifying process may though be applied to meteoric waters or polluted natural waters as well (originating from the sea/rivers/lower strata). Depending on the level of pollution of water and on the limits imposed by the law for its use, there are various options to reach the optimal solution. Chemical-physical plants, biological ones, plants provided with tertiary treatments options such as the demolition of N and P, plants with finish treatments for the recovery in the agricultural field, special plants tooled out for the treatment of muds and special wastes.

In the wastewater treatment sector , IGP offers a 360° service, providing the customer with consulting, planning, construction services, management of plants, maintenance and supply of spare parts and chemicals.
IGP has got a chemical-microbiological laboratory for the analysis and monitoring of water and muds quality.