Primary Waters

The so called “primary waters” are basically used in civil or industrial field. Major users of “primary waters” are towns, food/electronical/chemical/pharmaceutical industries, thermal power stations, laundries, hospitals and chemical laboratories. Ground-water, river-water or well-water are first made drinkable and then usually undergo filtering/sweetening/demineralization/disinfection treatments in order to match the chemical and physical characteristics required for the specific industrial or civil use.

Drinkable water, which is distributed to the population through waterworks, must instead have specific chemical-physical characteristics which are mandatory and defined by the WHO. Water used in heating systems and household appliances is often sweetened in order to prevent limestone deposits. In the primary water sector, IGP works together with Culligan Italiana spa to offer consulting/planning/ construction/ management/maintenance services, spare parts and products supplies in the whole region Friuli Venezia Giulia.

IGP owns a chemical laboratory for the water quality analysis.