Salus per aquam

As an element, water has always been associated to wellbeing. Next to the swimming pool, true kingdom of fun time and sports, the presence of saunas and whirlpool baths allows you to satisfy all your dreams of relax. Water massage and sauna are specialist treatments whose technological aspects, covered by countless copyrights, are fundamental to achieve the goals and guarantee those healing results you would expect from them. IGP plans and builds wellness centers able to satisfy all your needs. Come and discover with us the pleasure of heat and water in a magical therapeutic mixture: relax, free yourself from toxins, purify your skin. IGP offers you tailor-made solutions: turn to us to create your personal wellness corner. Water massages, modern or traditional saunas, essential or accessorized centers: there are countless options to mix materials, dimensions, techniques, fragrances, colors to enrich your unique temple for the wellbeing of body and spirit.